Smart Phone App Eliminates Texting While Driving

Smart Phone App Eliminates Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things on the road today. Someone who is texting while driving has been proven to be the equivalent of someone driving with 0.08 blood alcohol level. Not only that driving while using a cell phone gives you up to 37% less brain activity focused on the road. That is pretty scary stuff when you really think about it.

Many have chosen to just stop the texting while driving and urge their teenagers of driving age to do the same thing. This is the best answer by far however sometimes a text or email comes in while you are driving that you really need to get. Technology has created a compromise to allow you to hear text and email messages when you are driving so you can stay focused and still get messages of great importance. is a smart phone app designed to stop the distracted driving. Distracted driving accounts for over 25% of accidents with injuries and this app aims to stop at least some of that. The way it works is that when you have the app activated and you are on the road if you receive text or email messages they are translated to speech and read out loud to you. This way if your daughter calls you on the way home and needs something for school tomorrow you can get the message while still out on the road and not jeopardize your safety to do so.

Not only is not driving while texting a serious safety issue it is also the law in many states. So an app like this can stop you from getting pulled over and getting a ticket as well if you are caught trying to read or write texts while driving. Also, adding this app to your teenager’s smart phone can give you a little peace of mind as well.

The app is currently available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry and they will soon have a Windows Mobile edition available. For blackberry users is also supports all your BBM messages. There are free, paid, personal and corporate versions of the app available. Even the paid versions are very inexpensive especially when you consider how much safer they are making you in the car.

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